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Destroy All Zombies 3

You're playing Destroy All Zombies 3

The last iteration of Destroy all zombies. From the Author : This is my final release of Destroy All Zombies III. 3.5 had a lot of problems which have all been fixed. It won't let me remove 3.5 from Newgrounds.. So disregard it until I can.

Notice: You have to be logged in to my site to pickup the laser, or it's ammunition. Once you are logged in, you can use the laser from anywhere else on the internet.

Enjoy and thanks for reviews and high rating on the original!

-Cow Level works again.
-Respawning is glitchless.
-Laser only drops once (to stop lag).
-The game is a much nicer difficulty.
-Weapons have fairer power.
-Ammo drop rate is less, but more is picked up from each box.
-Health doesn't regenerate.
-Trees are randomly spawned rather than fixed.
-Minor lag fixes and overall performance increase.
-Bovine slayer achievement is now on the achievements screen.
-Waves are tweaked slightly for more variety and difficulty.

-The laser gun.
-Correct art for the laser gun.
-Health packs.
-Additional achievement.
Reeegiissteer for Braaiiinnss!
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