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Epsilon Strain

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The Goal of the game is to clear all 5 sectors. Each sector consists of several missions, and are visible within the map. The numbers on each mission indicate their difficulty level. Progress through all levels to unlock the next sector.

Zombie's often drop energy packlets. These are used as ammos(blue) and to recharge the armor(green). Your Armor and weapon can also auto recharge at a slower rate.

After each cleared mission you are able to scavenge the area. Level summary screen will show what you have found, usually credits and mod-chips.
Mod-chips allow you to modify your weapon.

Mod-chops can be equipped on the equip page. Modding requires the supported weapon chip to be equipped.
Modding a weapon chip can only be done once per weapon chip, so choose wisely.
Muting sound effects and music can be done by right-clicking.

Game Controls :
WASD / cursor keys: Move
Mouse: Aim
Left Mouse: Shoot
Space: Enter Doors
T: Teleport when done mission.

Fixed the clickable locked mod-chips bug.
Fixed the 'completed on stage x' award bug
Fixed the freeze with certain zombie bug
Added cursor keys as alternative movement
Fixed the freeze in stage 4 bug
Fixed zombie positions keeping them away from door
Reduced poison damage and poison pool time
Minor fixed in help screen.

Created By Soybeansoft and Ahakim
Reeegiissteer for Braaiiinnss!
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