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Reeegiissteer for Braaiiinnss!
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Zombiegames Stats
  1. Total Plays 38188002
  2. Total Members 35426
  3. Users Online 57
  4. Members Online 0
  5. Total Time 69.35 Years
  6. Total Games 312
  7. Top User Lehoric
Zombie Games Being Played
  • Boxhead 2 Player
    Play with your friend against the zombies or make your friend the enemy! 10 devastating weapons and more rooms! Play Now
    People Playing 7

    Total Plays 1044100
  • The Last Stand Union City
    The newest edition to one of the most played and highest rated series of zombie games, The Last Stand series, Union City.. Play Now
    People Playing 5

    Total Plays 2654506
  • Where the Rose is Blooming
    A pretty cool point and click adventure zombie game.

    Authors Comments

    This is a bit of an .. Play Now
    People Playing 1

    Total Plays 174718
  • Last Line of Defense
    You are the last line of defense, the zombies have overrun your city. You barricaded up the best house you could find. N.. Play Now
    People Playing 1

    Total Plays 183114
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